How Bail Works

Frequently Asked Questions

I just don’t want (my kid) to be labeled as having ADHD.

We believe that having an ADHD diagnosis is actually a kind of protective measure you can take for yourself or your child. It lets those around you know that your brain works differently so that accommodations can be made to ensure your success. Moreover, by having more diagnoses of ADHD, we can begin to remove some of the stigma or misunderstanding surrounding the disorder so that empathy can be built and myths can be dispelled.

I’m concerned about the ramifications of using medication for ADHD.

At West Houston Psychology, we understand that decisions about medication often involve some concerns around this course of treatment. However, when it comes to ADHD (as opposed to other disorders), medication is often considered a first-line treatment. And as ADHD specialists, we are committed to recommending all well-researched treatment options that have demonstrated effectiveness, while also honoring patient autonomy in deciding their treatment process alongside their physician.
We also acknowledge that there are many other interventions that can mitigate adverse symptoms of ADHD. Therefore, during your evaluation, we will offer behavioral interventions and suggestions for ways that you and your family can make the environment more accommodating for an individual struggling with ADHD. Our evaluations are highly tailored and, thus, can provide customized relief no matter what intervention you may require.

Can I come to my child’s ADHD testing appointments?

Generally speaking, parents are always involved in some portion of ADHD testing. Typically, during the first appointment (the diagnostic interview), we will spend a lot of time discussing your child’s symptoms and presenting problems. When it comes to the evaluation, however, it’s likely that your child’s ADHD testing specialist will only meet with them to perform a battery of tests and behavioral observations.

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